30 great business ideas for women entrepreneurs

In this article we provide 30 great business ideas for women. And if you want start your own business then please read this article carefully.

Have you always dreamed of being an entrepreneur and want to know the greatest business ideas for women? If you’ve responded “yes!” If you know the solution to this, you’re in the correct place!

30 great business ideas for women entrepreneurs

One in five enterprises with a revenue of $1 million+ is a women-owned business, and those businesses generate $1.7 trillion in sales as of 2017. More and more women are looking for new ways to achieve a rewarding work, and for many of them, it means stepping out on their own and creating their own enterprises.

So, if you are one of them and are wanting to leave your full-time work for good or simply want to make extra money from a brick and mortar, or home-based business, here is a list of the greatest ideas for establishing your own business in 2023:

Small business ideas for women

1. Freelance photographer

Freelance photography is a widely sought-after business expertise. If you have photography talents or have always wanted to learn photography, you can easily find job taking images for brands globally.

On average, freelance photographers earn between $25 and $100 per hour.

2. Interior designer

You can start your own interior design firm if you have an eye for design. If you always get compliments when someone visits your home, it’s a sign that you have good taste and talents in decorating. So, exploit them and give interior design assistance, either in-person or online.

3. Yoga instructor

The pandemic made it easier than ever to get certified to be a yoga or pilates instructor (you can find certification courses online!), and it also raised the demand for at-home workouts.

Yoga instructor

So, if you are into wellness and have a passion for teaching, becoming a yoga instructor can be a terrific business idea. You can teach at the studio, have your own private studio or give classes online.

4. Jewelry brand

Have a passion for jewelry? Always get compliments on pieces you’re wearing and could spend hours hunting for just the right necklace? Then you might consider launching a jewelry brand. You can either take a course and learn to design jewelry yourself. Or you can stick with design alone and outsource the production to pros.

5. A personal trainer

If you love fitness and the gym, you may earn a certification and start working as a personal trainer. It’s quite straightforward to get licensed in most countries, and you can start by recruiting clients through friends and family until you develop a regular list of clients.

A personal trainer’s income starts from $25 per hour and can go up to thousands, depending on the clientele and region.

6. Stylist

If you are enthusiastic about fashion, why not start your own style business? Many individuals are asking for styling guidance, and you might start by offering free consultations until you create a name.

7. Personal chef

Personal chef

Personal chefs are growing more popular in large cities where busy professionals don’t have time to prepare but still want something healthful and delicious. You can find clients through friends and relatives, working with folks locally.

8. Esthetician

The beauty industry is worth approximately 500 billion US dollars. And the demand for numerous beauty treatments is expanding every year. If you love taking care of your skin, you might want to try acquiring a certification as an esthetician and creating your own beauty salon.

9. Make-up artists

Another beauty-related business option is becoming a make-up artist. You can do make-up without a certificate, but you can get one in any beauty school if you wish. Start with doing make-up on friends and relatives and acquire referrals that way.

10. Nutritionist

Getting a certification for being a nutritionist could take longer, but it’s also a terrific alternative if you love food and a healthy lifestyle. You can discover clients through friends and relatives and work with them face-to-face or offer online coaching.

Online business ideas for women

11. Freelance illustrator

If you have always loved to draw and produce art as a hobby, you might want to consider being a freelance illustrator. You can collaborate with ad agencies, produce ads, work with authors to create book covers or simply take on commission work with businesses.

12. Freelance graphic designer

graphic designer

As a graphic designer, you can build brand identities and website designs for corporate or private clients and work with ad and marketing firms to assist them produce promotional materials.

13. Ghostwriter

You might launch a ghostwriting company if your dream has always been to write a book and be published but you would prefer to stay unknown. From the comfort of your own home, you may ghostwrite everything from blog posts to essays to books and everything in between.

14. Video editor 

If you love filming and editing videos, then beginning a video editing business is a smart way to go. Video editing talents are in demand, therefore you’ll be able to locate a ton of work, commercial and private (working with Youtube creators or other small entrepreneurs).

15. Podcast producer 

The popularity of podcasting is growing, and producers and audio editors are needed for every episode. You can think about launching a podcast production company if you are skilled in this area or if you would like to learn it through an online course.

16. Freelance web developer

If you are passionate about IT and coding, creating websites could be a profitable business venture for you. All businesses must have an online presence, and as technology is constantly evolving, they will always require assistance in creating the ideal website.

Entrepreneur ideas for women

17. PR agency

PR agency

If you work in public relations or are passionate about working with people, then launching your PR agency can be a wonderful business idea. You can work with individual influencers or brands, helping them develop their identities and expand their businesses.

18. Online community

Online communities are growing in the age of social media. There are many of free online groups where people with common interests or aspirations can connect. And there are also paid communities that offer distinct benefits for their members.

Good examples are BossBabe, a community for women in business, and Freelancing Females, a network for women who work as freelancers.

19. Travel agency

If you love to travel, you might want to explore starting a travel agency. Travel agents scour the world for the greatest holiday destinations and discounts, put up trip packages for different occasions and work with people to ensure they have the best vacation experience.

You will have to connect hotels and local tour operators with travelers, so it would be useful to be familiar with the nation or even speak the language to ensure you can get the most authentic deals and experiences for your clients.

20. Coach

If you enjoy connecting with others and helping them find meaning and a route in life, you might try becoming a life coach. Life coaches work with people, helping them navigate particular areas of their life. You can be focused on productivity, time management, confidence, dating, relationships, body confidence, end more.

21. Online course

Creating and marketing online courses is one of the top internet business ideas for women. You may build an online course on a range of topics, from wellness to business, and make money sharing your knowledge on a topic with other people.

Online course

Online course platforms like Teachable make hosting and operating an online course straightforward and possible for everyone. It’s fast and affordable to set up, and you have many different tools to help you design landing pages to sell and market your course.

22. Content creator

If you’ve always wanted to start your own business and share your work on social media, content production could be the ideal option. Content producers can collaborate directly with brands to produce content for BuzzFeed and other platforms.

Alternatively, you can go it alone and develop your audience and online presence through posting to social media. There are countless options for content creators to monetize their businesses, ranging from brand sponsorships to affiliate marketing, and the potential earnings are virtually limitless.

The frequent changes in the social media landscape are a drawback for this firm. You’ll always need to be adaptable as a content developer and knowledgeable about new platforms and how to use them to further your brand.

23. Online store

One common notion for women-owned businesses is e-commerce. With Shopify, you can quickly launch an online store to sell anything from kitchen equipment to apparel and jewelry. Furthermore, social media is among the simplest platforms for advertising your web business and drawing attention to your merchandise.

24. Wedding planning

Wedding planning

Organizing weddings is a profitable business venture. As a wedding planner, you will assist clients in getting ready for their nuptials by assisting them in selecting the ideal location and caterer, sending out invitations, and ensuring that the event runs according to schedule.

Local weddings can be arranged in the area where you reside. Alternatively, you could choose to launch a destination wedding planning company and organize events elsewhere.

Side hustles for women

25. Open an Amazon store

Selling items on Amazon is an extremely lucrative business concept. You can select out products from wholesalers, build a store on Amazon, and sell them for a profit.

26. Transcription

You can locate transcription job from home. If you’re a fast typer and don’t mind monotonous admin labor, then this side business is perfect for you. You can uncover organizations hiring and applying without any prior experience or certification needed.

27. Teach English

Teach English

If you enjoy language and teaching people, then you might want to consider teaching people English online. There are companies that allow you to register with them and find folks, or you may put up an ad on Facebook or Craigslist and find clients yourself.

28. Tutor

You may start an online or in-person tutoring business if you have a passion for science, math, or another subject. Depending upon your level of expertise, you can tutor young children or teenagers.

29. Dog walking

For animal lovers, dog walking might be an excellent side business. To start letting people know about your services, you can start by asking your neighbors or placing local advertisements.

30. Consulting

If you’re employed in the business, finance, IT, or any other industry and would like an additional source of income, you might think about becoming a part-time consultant. A large number of businesses pay big cash to independent advisors.


Let’s address some of the most common queries regarding female entrepreneurs.

What is the best business for a woman to start?

The greatest business for a woman to start is the one that she is enthusiastic about and has skill in. One of these two factors is important to developing a successful, lucrative business and ensuring its longevity.

Building a business from the ground up may be lonely and stressful. It could take a long to realize any benefit, and depending on the idea, it might demand a lot of investment, money, or time-wise. So, if you want to start a business, be sure that you are willing to commit to the idea long-term and be patient with it before you see any results.

Which business is good for beginners?

Any firm that doesn’t require a huge monetary investment or the investment is little enough that you won’t have to take on debt merely to get started. Most businesses that fulfill this condition are internet enterprises like selling digital templates, online courses, and affiliate marketing.

Alternatively, you may establish a business by employing your skills like writing, or editing, because they don’t require any upfront expense. Also, beginning a YouTube channel or becoming a social media influencer as you can do most recording and editing with your phone without needing to invest in professional equipment.

Can a woman run a business?

Entrepreneurship gives an avenue for women to close the pay gap and progress to leadership roles, on their own terms. Running their own firm also affords the opportunity for women to cooperate with and hire other ambitious, like-minded women, nurturing a new generation of women in leadership roles.


See how many ways you can earn by starting a business. Many people think that I am a girl and can’t do much, but after reading this article, you will realize that you too can do it. With these 30 ideas, you can do it for anyone. You choose as per your convenience and start today. Thank you and best of luck.

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